Saturday, June 27, 2009

NCPGIG Meeting Minutes - June 22, 2009

Carol Ann O'Connor and Grace Johnston were kind enough to share the meeting minutes from the NCPGIG. Among their special guests were Lori and Michelle Corso of Twin Cakes Bakery in Raleigh and Tom and Heather Soja of Tom's Gluten Free Goodies in Asheboro who provided delicious desserts for more than 30 people.

Special guest speakers included Dr. Jillian Sarno and Dr. Keoni Teta of the Naturopathic Clinic in Winston-Saelem, and Cynthia Kupper, the Executive Director of the National GIG. Drs. Sarno and Teta discussed the effects of the Industrial Revolution on human food sensitivities. Cynthia Kupper shared three major initiatives for the GIG - the gluten free restaurant awareness program, the institutional food management program, and the gluten-free food service certification program.

To read the detailed minutes, click here.

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Do you know when the next meeting will be?