Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FROGURT of Winston Salem announces Gluten-Free Frozen Yogurt

News from FROGURT: "We have recently opened a Frozen Yogurt Bar in Winston Salem named FROGURT (Off Hanes Mall Boulevard – Between Brixx Pizza & Firebird Grill – Across from Ashley Furniture Store) and we offer a wide range of frozen yogurt flavors that are Gluten Free. We plan to offer a larger variety of gluten free toppings (currently quite a few are already Gluten Free) in the near future."

Location: 1263 Creekshire Way,Winston Salem, NC 27103.
Tel: 336-331-3939 / 336-331-3130
Email: frogee@frogurtusa.com  

1 comment:

farah said...

Nice.....We have one person in our family who has celiac so she can go and enjoy ur yogurt .....It will help others also.