Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update: some, but not all, M&M's may no longer be gluten-free

Scott Adams on has a new post on a recent change to the labeling of all types of M&M's, which now state "May contain Wheat".

 "I just got this bit of bad news today. Unfortunately I've received some warnings from celiacs who have found that M&M's may no longer be gluten-free. A call to their customer service line still indicates that all M&M's are gluten-free (except for the new Pretzel M&M's), however, when you actually speak to a real person they will indicate that all M&M's are made on shared lines and may be cross-contaminated due to the fact that the pretzel M&M's are made on those lines. I certainly hope that this is not the case, but early indications lead me to believe that this may be so. I urge everyone to share your disappointment with this by calling them directly at: 800-627-7852."

Update from Sarah Ann Harwick 12/03/2010:

"Because we seemed to be getting different answers from the MARS company, I decided to call back and speak with a manager about the recent "may contain wheat" warming I found on the Mint M&M's.

Only the Mint and Speckled (both holiday specials) are produced on the same lines as the pretzel M&M's, and although they do clean the lines between production, there is the possibility of cross contamination, which is why they now have the wheat warning on them.

She said all of the other M&M's are still gluten free."

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